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 ¡ô¡¡Angular-travel full electronic mode electric actuator

¡öStructural characteristic and application range
3610R series full electronic mode electric actuator is a kind of actuating mechanism which can operate by means of receiving DC4-20mA or DC1-5V control signal from control system. Electronic mode control unit adopts special integrated control circuit and is sealed with resin moulding with the design shape of casket. Driving electromotor adopts AC reciprocal electromotor.Driving capacity feedback adopts high performance conductive plastic potentiometer.It is a high reliable economical product with 1/250 resolving power,which is a component of high performance and high reliable electric regulating valve besides various angular-travel regulating mechanisms.


1)There is no need for servo servoamplifier to be installed additionally due to the installation of servo system inside the machine. Operation control can be conducted only when control signal line and AC single-phase power line are put through. Therefore, power line connection is very simple.

2) Most advanced mixed integrated circuit and resin moulding seal are adopted with the features of small volume and high reliability. (Ambient temperature:-20-+50¡æ)

3) High control precision:basic errors:¡À1%; return difference:1%; dead zone: 0.8-1.0%(It can be adjusted to 0.4%.).

4) Self-diagnostic function can ensure the display lamp on control parts to shine in case of malfuntion.

5) During controlling process, self lock of position can be guaranteed in case of current failure.

6) Option switch can ensure the change of positive interaction and counteractive.

7) The adoption of synchronous strap gearing can ensure low noise and light weight.

8) When selecting to stop signal easily by option switch,its position can self lock in the state of turnon or turnoff.

9) It is easy to select input signal of DC4-20mA or DC1-5V by option switch.

10) Zero adjustment, regulating of angular-travel and sensitivity can be conducted easily by potentiometer. Installation posture: it can be installed in any direction (Handstand installation must be avoided.)

¡öModel¡¢specification Table 1


¡ö3610R series electric actuator and regulating valve matching table Table 2

¡öStructure and operating principle

3610 series electronic mode electric actuator, driven by 220V single-phase AC, is full electronic mode electric actuating mechanism which can operate by means of receiving DC4-20mA or DC1-5V input signal from computer, adjuster or controller. Electronic control unit is designed in the shape of casket by adopting integrated circuit and resin moulding solidification. It is called controller featured with servo function.

The rotation of electromotor (125) can be transmitted to driven strap through driving strap wheel (116), synchronous strap (127), and then can be transformed into the 90 ¡ãor other degree output shaft rotation (angular valve rod actuation) through worm (110) or worm wheel (109). Test the output with feedback shaft fixed on the upside of output shaft (108), then transmit to precise potentiometer (220) through spur gear. The operation of precise potentiometer can be transformed into electric signal which is reacted upon control segment by way of jaw opening signal. In this way, partial increment between signal of adjuster and jaw opening signal can be reduced. When partial increment is eliminated, control segment makes electromotor stop at this position.

As precise potentiometer (220) adopts gapless contact of conductive plastic mode with offsetting spring, spur gear gap can be counteracted and exact location can be tested at any moment. Furthermore, service lifetime of precise potentiometer (220) is several decades longer than coiling potentiometer to ensure operational reliability.

¡öElementary connection diagram

¡öExterior dimension 

Table 3 



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