¡¡You now see the products are :¡¡Angular-travel switch mode electric actuator  Num:3410R series

 ¡ô¡¡Angular-travel switch mode electric actuator

¡öStructural characteristic and application range
3410R series angular-travel switch mode electric actuator,driven by AC 220V (single-phase)power supply, is a kind of ON-OFF control mode electric actuator which derives from 3610R series electronic mode actuator.It is actuated by AC reciprocal electromotor and adopts high performance conductive plastic potentiometer in the testing of driving capacity feedback. It is a component of electric ON-OFF two-step switch valve besides various angular regulating mechanisms.
1.compact structure, small volume,light weight;£¨Protective grade:IP55; Blastproof grade:Exd II BT4£©
2.Simple connection ensures instant operation after switching on power supply.
3.Overheat switch is installed inside AC reciprocal electromotor to avoid burning out the electromotor due to malfunctions such as overload,seizure and etc.
4.Installation,adjustment and maintenance are the easiest to implement.
5.Self lock of original position can be realized by switching off power supply during operation.
6.Output signal of position feedback: ON-OFF position limit indication, power contact point signal. Or 0-1.0K¦¸ or DC4-20mA valve position signal. (for option)
7.Synchronous strap and wormgear,worm driving are adopted with low noise.
8The installation methods of pedestal and crank mode are available.
9.Built-in torque switch (unilateral)is available to tighten up the valve that is shut clockwise.
10.Installation posture can be in any orientation. (But handstand installation must be avoided.)
¡ö Model¡¢specification                    Table 1

¡öModel compilation notes:

¡öInner and outer connection diagram

U-X: anti-clockwise output shaft rotation (turnon direction)
V-X: clockwise output shaft rotation (turnoff direction)
7-10: output shaft actuates to turnon after limit opening
9-10: output shaft actuates to turnon after limit closure
6-10: output shaft actuates to shut off after limit opening
8-10: output shaft actuates to shut off after limit closure
11-12-13:Jaw opening signal 0-1.0K¦¸ (Resistance at turnoff position is the strongest.)
TP: built-in temperature switch of electromotor
M: electromotor winding
C: electromotor capacitance
L: reactive coil
PT: potentiometer
LS1: limit opening limit switch
LS2: limit closure limit switch
LS3: limit opening position indication switch
LS4: limit closure position indication switch
SH: space heater (optional part)
Diagram 8-1: jaw opening 0-1.0K¦¸ resistance signal   connection diagram
11-12:jaw opening DC4-20mA
13: to be connected with phase line of 220V AC power supply
R/I: converter
Connect other terminals according to "Diagram 8-1".
Diagram 8-2: jaw opening DC4-20mA current signal     connection diagram

¡ö Exterior dimension                           




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