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”ö Structural characteristic and application range

type electric (standard model) regulating butterfly valve is made up of 3610 R series full electronic mode electric actuator, or 3410R series ”°ON-OFF”± switch mode electric actuator and (standard model) regulating butterfly valve.

Standard model regulating butterfly valve is made of steel plate through welding procedure with unique structural design. It is a kind of self-cleaning regulating valve which has such features as simple structure, light weight, novel outline, small resistance coefficient and good liquidity. It is applicable to the air, gas, exhaust gas under low pressure or the flow capacity, pressure control regulation of other gas containing suspended particulates. This valve and DCS control system constitute the best control (regulating) loop.

It is widely applied to production process control of such sectors as chemical engineering, metallurgy, electric power, light industry and building materials because of its reasonable selling price.



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