You now see the products are : High performance pneumatic piston soft(hard) seal regulating truncation butterfly valve  Num:W632-6B

 # High performance pneumatic piston soft(hard) seal regulating truncation butterfly valve

* Structural characteristic and application range

This valve is made up of pneumatic piston mode actuating mechanism and high performance soft (hard) seal regulating truncation butterfly valve. It receives DC4-20mA and switching value (contact) signal to form electric control, pneumatic, regulating and truncation control circuit; or it receives 20-100Kpa air control signal to form full pneumatic regulating, truncation control circuit.

High performance soft (hard) seal regulating truncation butterfly valve is a kind new-type butterfly valve which is designed on the base of absorbing good features of various different structure butterfly valves. It adopts the structure of three-dimension and special soft (hard) seal of oblique cone ellipse to ensure the separation of valve plate while starting up, and to ensure the sealing while closing contacting. In this way, abrasion can be avoided effectively with such unique features as good leak tightness, long service life, novel design, superior regulating truncation function and durability. It is applicable to those gases and liquids with strict requirements like non-leakage, low pressure difference and large flow capacity, to the flow, pressure control, regulating and truncation of fluid medium containing suspended particles. It is a component of control (regulating) circuit besides DCS control system.

It is widely applied to the production process of industrial sectors such as oil, chemical, chemical engineering, metallurgy, electric power, light industry and medicine ant etc because of its low selling price.






* Product exterior and installation dimension

type high performance soft (hard) seal pneumatic regulating truncation butterfly valve has powerful unbalanced force and torque force due to its eccentricity and tight shutoff performance. Actuating mechanism is not furnished with fast model configuration (Special configuration order can be placed according to specific requirements.).



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